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Energy-Efficient Upgrades That Can Lower Your Tax Bill

The house inspection Marietta and other inspection services will tell you one thing: it is always recommended to have an energy-efficient home for your family and yourself. A lot of people may not pay full attention to this but the government provides tax credits for property owners that have energy-efficient homes. This may be in a form of buying a house that is equipped with appliances and house facilities that provide efficiency in using energy and electricity, or you may do some remodeling, renovations, or upgrades such as putting energy-efficient windows, better insulation, better roofing material, and upgraded HVAC system.  

There are two primary benefits that one can be obtained when having an energy-efficient home: First, lower property taxes from the government; and second, lower energy and utility bills per month. And one of the ways to get these benefits is to purchase the following appliances and recent technology that are able to provide you the efficiency in using energy in the house.  

1.Solar Energy Systems 

Since the solar panels were introduced, they have made such remarkable noise in different industries. And although this technology was expensive even years after its first introduction in the market, it is still one of the demanded energy-efficient technologies installed in houses. Fortunately, this technology has reduced its price after several modifications and similar technology was also introduced to the people. In 2015, the federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC) was passed, making the solar energy systems qualify for the 30% reduction of the overall cost of the equipment and installation. This year, it has dropped to 26%, before disappearing completely in the next year.  

2.Doors and Windows 

You may never put significant attention to your doors and windows, but they are capable of reducing text property. This may include installing thicker windows and doors in order to improve the house insulation. In 2016, these all can qualify for the 10% credit up to $200 and 10% credit up to $500.  


Your siding, wall, windows, and HCAV system are the very things that keep your house well-insulated for the whole month and in the years to come. If the house is well-insulated, it could lower down the utility and energy bills for the whole year while at the same time can give you up to $500 in tax credits. It is also noteworthy to know that it is necessary to complete the insulation project before you can avail of the tax credit.  

4.Central Air Conditioning 

Central air conditioning may be more expensive than the ordinary AC available in the market. However, this type of AC provides very efficient energy consumption that can make you save a good amount of energy costs per month. Moreover, the qualifying amount of up to $300 tax break can also make you feel more advantageous when opting for this type of AC technology. 

Other appliances you can try installing at your home: 

Solar water heating – heats up water tank through the use of solar energy 

Fuel cells – hydrogen fuel cells that function the same like batteries only they are renewable 

Geothermal Heat Pumps – it harnesses the earth’s natural heat to warm the house 

Driving in the United States

It is no wonder why vehicle and automobile-related services and products like car detailing Marietta are becoming more relevant. This is due to a growing population of people who want to drive a car for different purposes. All people in the United States are eligible to drive a motor vehicle, whether he/she is male, female, or a dependent of any of two mentioned. But, just like other countries, one needs to successfully apply for and obtain a driver’s license, and driving without it would be illegal. To have a driver’s license, one will need to apply at a local Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), which can also differ in different states. 

The Application Process of Driver’s License  

It is important to know that the application process may be different from each state. However, there still some basic steps that they all share. These are the following: 

  • Talk with the designated school official (DSO) to discuss with you the regulations and rules that may be distinct to the area you are in 
  • Confirm that your student record is Active in the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System 
  • Wait for up to 10 days to be able to fully apply for a driver’s license and for your Form I-94 Arrival/Departure Record info to be updated in the whole government system in the United States 
  • Get your Social Security Number (SSN) if it is required from you 
  • Visit and submit the necessary and required papers to the DMV 

After submitting the necessary papers, the DMV may need to verify the nonimmigrant student status in order to determine if you are eligible for a driver’s license by using the Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements (SAVE) Program.  

The Necessary Papers You Need to Submit 

Although papers needed for the application of driver’s license may vary from state to state, there are things that may be similar, the following are the documents that you need to prepare and submit: 

  • A valid passport and a recent student VISA. When you live in a country that does not require a VISA, you may skip giving your VISA to the office 
  • Depending on the state you are in, you may need to present and submit your SSN card or FOrm SSA-L676.  
  • Your Form I-20 Certificate of Eligibility for the Nonimmigrant Students States. Remember that this paper needs to be fully and completely signed before being presented 
  • Your proof of residence. Because the process and the requirements are so varied, we recommend that you search your local DMV and know what are the needed requirements in your area. 
  • If you are an optional practical training, it is important that you have with you the Form I-766 Employment Authorization Document.  

After you have submitted all the necessary documents and successfully applied to the process, the DMV officer will provide you the net steps in obtaining the driver’s license. Also, the duration of how long you will wait for you to finally get the driver’s license may depend on each country. Finally, it is normal if you get a temporary license. You just need to wait for weeks to be given the final license.  

3 Reasons Why Hail Is More Dangerous Than You Think

In the years between 2000 and 2013, insurance companies in the United States had paid out more than $54 billion when it comes to hail damage claims in 5,000 hail storms that happened in the United States alone. While most of the damage was in crops and property, there are also ways that hailstorms can harm you and your family.  

The following are the reasons why you need to be cautious of hailstorm: 

1.Small hailstorm can fall with greater scale and speed 

Small or large, hailstorm can cause damage to your property and vehicle when they are many and fall quickly. Small hail can reach a speed of 20 mph that is already potential to create damage. Also, hail can cover up to 100 miles wide and 10 miles long, which is already damaging to the area it covers.  

When it comes to it wreaking havoc, there are only little preventative measures you can do about it. First make sure you have a proper roof and gutter to keep your roof functional in removing away the melted hail. No matter what the roof and gutter cleaning cost maybe, you need to invest on something that protects you on the frontline. Second, keep your car on the garage if possible and avoid exposing it to weather like this.  

2.It can indicate a tornado 

Thunderstorms can produce hail but it is the supercell storms, which are rotating thunderstorms that can be too severe, that are responsible for most of the bug hailstorms you encounter. If you notice a hailstorm as big as quarter or more, it can be a sign that a tornado is coming.  

If you experience this, we advise that you take cover and listen to the news. If you are inside the house, wait for the storm until it passes before doing things outside. Also, do the following:  

  • Stay away from the windows doors 
  • Make sure everyone is indoor especially the children 
  • Avoid going outside  

If you are on the road and driving, and you are caught by the hailstorm, do the following:  

  • Stay in the car until the hailstorm stops 
  • Cover your eyes and lie down on the floor with you back to the windows 
  • Protect children with heavy clothing or with your body 
  • Avoid areas prone to flood 
  • Do not seek shelter under a tree as possible as it might attract lightning and may lose some limbs 

3. Hailstorm can be large 

Hailstorms can reach up to 4.5 inches in diameter, as big as a softball. In fact, it can even get bigger in rare cases. One of these is the recorded hailstorm in Vivian that has a diameter of 8 inches and a weight of 1.9 pounds. 

It is important to listen to the news whenever the area is experiencing a hailstorm as there are times that the weather forecasts are able to predict not just the movement of the hailstorm but also the size of the hailstorm. Remember to always take cover or stay indoor as quickly as possible to avoid hurting your head and body from the possible impact.