Facts About Drug Testing

Drug testing is a process where biological samples are taken from someone and tested for certain drugs. The samples used may be in the form of urine and blood, however, other samples may be used as well. This process has become mandatory in many industries, especially those involving public safety. Employers from various fields are also implementing drug testing to minimize drug abuse at work, reduced productivity and other issues that may arise from employees being addicted to drugs. The drug testing carried out by workplaces is usually limited to drugs with the potential for abuse and may include alcohol.

Routine drug testing is also carried about by many employers these days. Employees may be randomly chosen to perform a drug test, or if an employer has a suspicion that an employee is using drugs, he may request a drug test be performed on that employee. Most companies continue to carry out drug tests even on present staff, to ensure that standards are adhered to. In some cases, employers may encourage and even arrange for drug counseling for employees that are found to be using drugs. However, in most cases, employers are very tolerant of this and it may ultimately lead to termination of employment.

How is Workplace Drug Testing Carried Out?

When applying for jobs, applicants are advised that there will be drug testing included as part of the recruitment process. Applicants, therefore, have a chance of either accepting and going through with the application, or declining it. Applicants who decide to go through with the process are then advised to submit a sample, that is usually urine to a specified laboratory. It should usually be done within 24 hours to ensure accurate results. Once the applicant is at the laboratory, he or she may be instructed to offer further samples for testing, such as hair, saliva or blood samples. But this is not normally the case and a urine sample usually suffices.

During this process, strict codes of conduct are adhered to and in some steps, direct visual observation is carried out to ensure that there is no contamination of the samples. Ultimately, it has to be strict to ensure the highest level of accuracy since your job may depend on it. Some of the drugs usually tested for are marijuana, cocaine and codeine and morphine-based drugs.

How Long Do Drugs Stay in Your System?

The amount of time that drugs remain detectable in your body, is based on various factors and circumstances. The amount of time you have been using the drug, the nature of the drug, the amount of liquid you have been consuming and the route of administration all play a role in whether the drug will be detected or not. Drugs like marijuana remain in your system for approximately 40 days after you have administered it if you use it chronically.

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