The house inspection Marietta and other inspection services will tell you one thing: it is always recommended to have an energy-efficient home for your family and yourself. A lot of people may not pay full attention to this but the government provides tax credits for property owners that have energy-efficient homes. This may be in a form of buying a house that is equipped with appliances and house facilities that provide efficiency in using energy and electricity, or you may do some remodeling, renovations, or upgrades such as putting energy-efficient windows, better insulation, better roofing material, and upgraded HVAC system.  

There are two primary benefits that one can be obtained when having an energy-efficient home: First, lower property taxes from the government; and second, lower energy and utility bills per month. And one of the ways to get these benefits is to purchase the following appliances and recent technology that are able to provide you the efficiency in using energy in the house.  

1.Solar Energy Systems 

Since the solar panels were introduced, they have made such remarkable noise in different industries. And although this technology was expensive even years after its first introduction in the market, it is still one of the demanded energy-efficient technologies installed in houses. Fortunately, this technology has reduced its price after several modifications and similar technology was also introduced to the people. In 2015, the federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC) was passed, making the solar energy systems qualify for the 30% reduction of the overall cost of the equipment and installation. This year, it has dropped to 26%, before disappearing completely in the next year.  

2.Doors and Windows 

You may never put significant attention to your doors and windows, but they are capable of reducing text property. This may include installing thicker windows and doors in order to improve the house insulation. In 2016, these all can qualify for the 10% credit up to $200 and 10% credit up to $500.  


Your siding, wall, windows, and HCAV system are the very things that keep your house well-insulated for the whole month and in the years to come. If the house is well-insulated, it could lower down the utility and energy bills for the whole year while at the same time can give you up to $500 in tax credits. It is also noteworthy to know that it is necessary to complete the insulation project before you can avail of the tax credit.  

4.Central Air Conditioning 

Central air conditioning may be more expensive than the ordinary AC available in the market. However, this type of AC provides very efficient energy consumption that can make you save a good amount of energy costs per month. Moreover, the qualifying amount of up to $300 tax break can also make you feel more advantageous when opting for this type of AC technology. 

Other appliances you can try installing at your home: 

Solar water heating – heats up water tank through the use of solar energy 

Fuel cells – hydrogen fuel cells that function the same like batteries only they are renewable 

Geothermal Heat Pumps – it harnesses the earth’s natural heat to warm the house